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I am a very disciplined writer. I am working to achieve what is the best for my development. I love journalism, especially writing film and TV show reviews and making interviews. I am highly experienced in pop culture thanks to many volunteer jobs ans well as passion to the cinema and all events. I also draw posters, comics and other graphics requested by people. I believe in gender equality.

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As Geena Davis said: "Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game."

A word about remakes and reboots. American remakes and reboots

Before I can start reflecting on the subject of the article, I have to present two definitions – remake and reboot. Both are many times mistaken for the other. They are similar kinds of movies, yet different. I do not know what is with American producers and eternal remakes and reboots. 2 months ago BBC America annnounced the list of possible and already certain reboots. The list includes those but not all of them –  Charmed reboot set in modern times, darker version of Sabrina, the Teenage Wit

How Contemporary TV & Female Characters Play A Major Role Impacting Female Audiences

Images of heroines in film and television industry are changing. Entertainment companies noticed that themes with females in the main role are starting to become really popular. In 2011, actress and TV producer Jennifer Siebel Newsom created a documentary called ‘Miss Representation’. Newsom showed how women in pop culture are more and more objectified. The future good of her child was one of the reasons why Newsom decided to explore the problem of objectifying women. The documentary has won man

Weinstein Scandal And (not only) Women Spoke Out

Today, surprisingly, not about a new show or women in tv. Actually, it’s gonna be about women in movie industry and the scandal with Harvey Weinstein that led to another scandals and acussations. I’m writing about it, because it’s important for the movie and television industry as well as for women, not only in show business. One of the first actresses that came out with accusation was Rose McGowan, the actress known from “Grindhouse: Planet Terror” by Rodriguez, “Charmed” and first Wes Craven’


“Fear The Walking Dead” is a post-apocalyptic TV show created by AMC Studios, Circle of Confusion and Valhalla Entertainment. Alike “The Walking Dead”, production focuses on a group of people who try to survive the epidemy of zombies. Madison, her husband Travis, their children: Alicia, Nick and Chris as well as Travis’ ex-wife Liza. They move from Los Angeles to Mexico, they do everything for survival. Characters gain new allies as well as enemies. They also lose their loved ones. “Fear…” is m

“(Wo)man Up” Series: Orphan Black

Eurythmics once sang along with Aretha Franklin those lines: Sisters are doing it for themselves. Standing on their own two feet. And ringing on their own bells. There are no better words to describe “clones-sisters” from Orphan Black – BBC America production created by Graeme Manson and John Fawcett. The viewers will have a pleasure (or sadness and pleasure, because production is one of the best ones) to see the last, finale episode Saturday, at 10 on BBC America channel. That is why Orphan Bla

Perfect Life is Perfect Lie [“Big Little Lies” review]

Life of parents is not as easy as it sounds. Especially when it’s about the race of rats between them about who has smarter kid. And it’s even harder when, during this race, there is a murder involved. Who is killed? How did it happen? Is everybody lying over and over? And most importantly – who’s the killer? New mini TV series made by HBO, written by David E. Kelley and directed by amazing Jean-Marc Vallée surprises the viewers from the very beginning. That’s not weird, because the book which

Remember My Words. Forget My Name.

The title is actually a quote. Those are words of Aurora Luft – one of the main characters in Canadian/Hungarian tv show called “X Company”. You don’t know this show? Well, that’s a shame, but I’m coming with the review of this production, so you would know if you liked it. Let’s get started. “X Company” tells us the story of five people who are trained and prepared to serve during the World War II as secret agents for the Canadian  facility in Ontario. After the training they are supposed to b

She’s Sarcastic, She Drinks A Lot… She’s Chelsea Handler!

That’s how usually Chelsea Handler welcomes her viewers all around the world, spinning on her chair. You don’t know who Chelsea Handler is? That’s a shame and I will tell you right now in my review about her very own Netflix talk show. After some thoughts… I think everybody who owns an account on Netflix knows who she is. That is Chelsea, ladies and gentlemen! Before I start talking about her very honest and very sarcastic talk show, I will tell you some basics about Netflix’ comedian and journ

There are many reasons you should love “F.R.I.E.N.D.S.”

Oh, hello! I was thinking what I can write about and while I was watching “Friends” and making checklist to LA, I decided. Of course, “Friends”! TV show was created by David Crane and Marta Kauffman as well as produced by Warner Bros. Stories and dramas about six friends living in New York became amazing hit all over the world. Everybody loved, loves and will love Monica, Rachel, Phoebe, Chandler, Joey and Ross. It’s obvious that “Friends” actually created their own brand labelled by the show a